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  • 2024可持续时尚设计工程国际研讨会(SFDE2024)| 征稿通知 Call for Papers of SFDE2024
  • 2024-07-02
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    2024 International Conference on Sustainable Fashion Design Engineering

    Beijing, China

    15-17 November, 2024


    About the SFDE2024


    The International Conference on Sustainable Fashion Design Engineering (SFDE2024, official website: sfdeconf.org) will be held in Beijing, China on 15-17 November, 2024. Organized by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the conference aims to provide a platform for professionals from the global academic community to showcase and discuss the latest advances in sustainable innovation design. The symposium will focus on "Sustainable Fashion Engineering" as the core theme against the backdrop of emerging productivity, subdivided into four sub-topics: "Intelligent Sustainable Fashion Materials and Technology," "Smart Wearables and Sustainable Design," "Sustainable Fashion Consumption and Data Analysis," and "Technology Empowerment for Fashion Innovation and Sustainable Development." These topics will collectively explore the innovative dynamics and design insights of "sustainability" in the context of new fashion trends and lifestyle changes. All accepted papers will be submitted to Ei Compendex.

    我们邀请各领域的学者、研究人员和从业人员提交相关研究论文。论文应围绕创新设计和智能工程探索新的思想、技术和应用。我们鼓励关于技术应用的原创研究、案例研究和论文。所有提交的论文将由3——4名领域专家进行评审,选出优秀论文进行口头报告和海报展示。所有被接受的论文将在会议论文集中发表,并将提交给Ei Compendex。同时,部分优秀论文扩展后将推荐给EI期刊和SCI期刊。

    We invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners from various fields to submit relevant research papers. Papers should revolve around innovation design and intelligent engineering exploring new ideas, technologies, and applications. We encourage original research, case studies, and papers on technological applications. All submitted papers will undergo evaluation by 3-4 field experts, and outstanding papers will be selected for oral presentations and poster presentations. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and will be submitted for Ei Compendex. Additionally, some outstanding papers, upon expansion, will be recommended to EI and SCI journals.


    Topics of Paper



    Intelligent Sustainable Fashion Materials and Technology: This track explores how new materials and processes drive sustainable fashion design. It focuses on integrating sustainability into every design practice stage, especially in the era of artificial intelligence, by reducing energy consumption and waste generation through practices like recycling, material regeneration, and bio-design, thus promoting the industry's transition to a circular economy and creating more possibilities for sustainable fashion.


    Smart Wearables and Sustainable Design: This track discusses how sustainable development concepts merge with smart wearables and digital technology innovation design. It examines how emerging technologies such as digital twins, smart wearables, virtual fitting rooms, digital collectibles, and smart manufacturing enhance sustainable fashion design, particularly in promoting sustainable practices in the fashion industry.


    Sustainable Fashion Consumption and Data Analysis: This track focuses on achieving sustainable development in fashion consumption, emphasizing incorporating environmental concepts and practices into consumer choices and behaviors during the purchase, use, and disposal of fashion products. It aims to promote sustainable consumption behavior, improve social equity and well-being, and highlight the role and value of sustainable fashion design in addressing issues such as business models, future manufacturing, social equity, and user experience.


    Technology Empowerment for Fashion Innovation and Sustainable Development: This track explores how technology empowerment drives fashion industry innovation and promotes the sustainable development of traditional culture. Technology is a significant driving force for fashion innovation, enhancing efficiency and creativity in the fashion industry while promoting the sustainable development of traditional culture and the fashion industry's environmental transition. The theme focuses on discussing how to integrate technology and fashion for sustainable fashion education, sustainable culture, and the construction of a sustainable fashion ecosystem to build a better and more sustainable future.


    Paper Submission

    ● 所有投稿需用英文书写。

    ● 投稿论文应为未公开发表的原创性研究成果,具有较高的学术价值和实际应用价值。

    ● 请通过在线投稿系统http://www.sfdeconf.org/submit/提交论文(PDF格式),如果文件大小大于10M,请直接发送至submit@sfdeconf.org。

    ● 投稿格式请参照论文模板(见附件)。


    ● 投稿应不少于 6 页,超过10页需额外付费。

    ● It must be English versions.

    ●It should be original and unpublished with high academic value and practical applicability.

    ●Please submit your paper(PDF) through online submission system: http://www.sfdeconf.org/submit/ or send paper to submit@sfdeconf.org directly if the file size is large than 10M.

    ● Please refer to the Word Template.

    ●The minimum length for submissions is 6 pages, an extra page charge should be paid if it is more than 10 pages.


    Important Dates





    Submission Deadline: September 15, 2024

    Notification of Acceptance: September 30, 2024

    Authors' Registration: October 25, 2024

    Conference Date: November 15-17, 2024


    Guidance Unit


    World Eco-Design Conference (UN Consultative Status NGO), Computer-Aided Product Innovation Design Engineering Center, Ministry of Education, China, Design Education Subcommittee of China Higher Education Association


    Host Organization


    Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


    Exectuive Organizer


    School of Fashion Accessory and School of Art and Design, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


    Supporting Organizations


    Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Beihang University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Institute of Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Capital Normal University, Beijing Union University, Nanchang University, Dalian Minzu University


    Contact Us


    Email Address: submit@sfdeconf.org

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